About us

About IkBlink Groep

The IkBlink Groep takes a fresh look at human resources. Every day, we aim to help organisations and people in their search for good employment, talent, work and happiness. 


Of course you work for a living. But our mission goes a step further. In addition to just a salary, work should provide meaning, happiness and positive energy. We see it as our mission to make that possible for anyone. SO you can really feel at home at your work and that you feel the space to develop and grow.


We help people find the perfect workplace. And we help organisations to create a reliable working environment. We connect opportunities, knowledge and talent across industries. We do this by leaving the beaten track, using our expertise and our network. We act with courage in the European market. To bring supply and demand together.

Our core values

Our mission and vision determine our course. Our core values say something about our motives and make our corporate culture clear. 


We focus on people. We don't just look at an organization or talent. But really focus on the person that fills the spot. We find the unique needs, wishes and possibilities so we can support people optimally. 



We want to feel a connection. It's almost impossible to explain that. You can't see that 'click', but you can feel it. And it comes straight from the heart. It creates connection. And that connection makes you want to understand each other and provides the drive to do it together. Together we strive for the best result.


We feel responsible. We follow trends and developments in HR and like to take the initiative to make our services even better. We encourage others to take on their responsibilities with self-assurance. So they can do their work with passion, pride and dedication. Just like we do.

Growth mindset

We look at what is possible and feasible. There is no such word as can't! We do this with confidence and full dedication. A 'growth mindset' is of great importance then. We allow ourselves to make mistakes and learn from them. In this way, we can grow together without limits.


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